Hi Everyone! I am very excited to be running for McMinnville City Council in Ward 3. My name is Tynan Pierce, I live in McMinnville with my wife and two young daughters. We are working parents and both our children attend public school. My personal priorities are  equal rights and equal bargaining power for all.  As a direct democracy and people's assembly delegate,  I am offering an opportunity to reimagine civic engagement in McMinnville. 


The intersection of racial justice, climate justice, and worker's rights is paramount at this time in our collective experience and needs to be at the forefront of our actions as such. For too long underserved communities have been asked to not just bare the brunt of poor government policy, but to also figure out how to be their own advocates. This is not right. 


As a participant in Mcminnville People's Collective we are striving to create a model that is very different from the representative politics that are playing out in our city and across the nation. The goal of facilitating an engaged assembly comes first. Practically, this means getting out in the community and asking people to share their experience in McMinnville. What barriers are preventing their voice from being heard in their own town? Do they know how to engage in the civic process? 


Let's find out what their concerns are. Gathering real information from real people. To be honest, it will be a dynamic process. One that will involve many voices and my role will be to deliver our collective message to City Council and vote accordingly. To be clear, this is not a 'faux' tolerance model where literally everyone's opinion matters equally. Racism in all of its forms both personal and systemic, actions that ignore our climate crisis, profit over people models will NOT be part of this platform.  I would love to hear your insights and experience in McMinnville.  Please dm or comment below to share.


 "No matter what they ever do to us, we must always act for the love of our people and the earth. We must not react out of hatred against those who have no sense." - John Trudell


#mcminnvilleoregon #directdemocracy #BlackLivesMatter #GreenNewDeal

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