Who are you, who leads your group?

We’re a group of local community members.  Normal people that want revolutionary change.  No hierarchy, no leaders. Leadership should be a role that people fill as needed, with the support of their community, that can be revoked at any time.  Participating in a community is voluntary and whoever wants to be a part of community decision-making has the same rights to those decisions as others.  We need to ensure people that have been robbed of their power and voice have bargaining power in their community.

You want to run a candidate for city council, are you a political party?

No.  In fact we have serious problems with the whole idea of electing representatives.  We think even if they have good intentions, they always compromise in favor of those with money and power.  We want to elect a delegate, someone who will not make independent decisions on the council, but instead the Collective will vote on council matters and the delegate will vote accordingly.  Furthermore this is only one aspect of what we are doing.

Are you liberals or conservatives, Democrats or Republicans?

We’re not going to speak for all of our members' individual politics, but as a group, no to all of the above.  We believe in equality and egalitarianism, but we don’t need a government telling us how to achieve these things in our community. We believe in liberty, autonomy and choice, but that goes for absolutely everyone, and we aren’t here for systems that deny people those things.  We stand with farmers and small entrepreneurs, but against using wealth to exploit, and climate devastation.  We stand for public safety and responsible gun ownership, but against prisons, police, and state-sponsored violence.

Where are you?

In McMinnville, on Instagram, our website, Discord, and various front yards meeting up.   We’re trying to transition off Discord eventually, but need to find a better platform, let us know if you want an invite in the meantime.

What do I need to do to participate or get involved?

The only requirements are that you can get on board with our ethic of true equality, liberty and ending oppression.  Otherwise, membership is voluntary and you can participate how you would like, when you like.  Stay tuned for details.